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Goodwill Insider Tips You Need to Know

Have You Missed Our Goodwill Outlet Store? We’re beyond happy to announce our outlet at 1010 Harrison Avenue has reopened. Located inside our distribution center, these 3,000 square feet of bin madness are ready for all pickers. Whether you’re searching for a great deal on kids’ winter layers or are an artist envisioning multi-media creations, there’s no doubt it’s going to be a satisfying adventure. By the way, we’d like to say thank you for your patience. The Harrison location is our only ou

Hidden Features – 4 Helpful Tools Built into Gym Insight.

Welcome to our Hidden Features blog. In these issues, we cover recent changes and updates to our software. Browse through this blog to review a few of our newest features and functions. Here at Gym Insight, we’re always sweating the details, working hard to create the best, easiest-to-use software in the industry. Scroll down to discover what makes us stand out from the rest. Do you need to open a new screen without leaving your current one? Just Control + Click to open the desired page in a ne

Let’s Teach Your Employees How to Make Telephone Calls.

My last blog focused on why some gym owners no longer use business telephone numbers. Many of the reasons I discovered dialed down to a specific issue: employees were uncomfortable with phone calls. It seems younger people find phone calls to be anxiety filled trauma bubbles filled with uncertainty. If this is your situation, how can you help your employees over this technology hurdle? Discuss the value of a phone call As a writer much of my communication is conducted almost exclusively email

Does Your Gym Need a Telephone Number Anymore?

I decided to write this blog after spending 30 minutes trying to find my yoga studio’s phone number. After social media searches turned up nothing, I finally capitulated and sent an email. The next day, I received a chipper response and the requested reservation. I won’t go into why I needed to call my studio. Like most people, I usually self-select classes and reserve through their online system. A phone call is my last resort. But it got me thinking: Is this just a yoga studio thing or are

Get Ready Now for a Successful Memorial Day Gym Promotion

Let’s talk Memorial Day gym promotions. The national holiday is only five weeks away — what about using it to increase your membership numbers while expressing gratitude for those who’ve given their lives in service to our country? Memorial Day is a federal holiday established in 1868 to honor and remember United States personnel who died while in service in the U.S. armed forces during both wartime and peacetime. A commemoration organized in 1865 by formerly enslaved people in Charleston, Sout

When Your New Gym’s Only Option Is Success: Pre-sales Make It Happen.

Gage Bowra opened 24/7 Fitness in Coolidge, Arizona, after running a steady pre-sale campaign that resulted in signing up hundreds of early members. Yet, the cash he pulled in just barely covered new paint and carpets. So why did he bother with it? Because there’s no price on hope. And Bowra needed a lot of it. When he closed on the 5,500-square-foot gym in the tiny town of barely 20,000, he had one choice: success. Failure … was not an option. Why gym pre-sales were the only answer Bowra i

Boost April Sales with These Three Gym Growth Strategies

Easter just ended and it feels as if summer is nearly here. The weather is warming and your gym members are planning vacations. Take advantage of this bright season to try something new and build a strong base of loyal clients. Here are three membership-building strategies you can start now. It’s a no-brainer gym growth strategy — Every year students return from college to hometowns searching for jobs and things to do. Don’t lose this lucrative market to big box competitors. Build promotions ta

How Coastline Fitness Executed a Terrific Plan For Growth – and You Can Too!

Coastline Fitness opened amidst the pandemic when gyms were considered an endangered species. But as with most difficult situations, vision defines the outcome. To owners Brian Vanderveen and business partner Michael Lampanski, fitness was not dying out. It was just a great deal. This mindset crafted an approach calculated for expansion. As a result, the two negotiated favorable leases and built the full-service gym Coastline Fitness in 2021. Since launching the Clinton Ct. location, they dupli

The Gym Owner’s Newsletter (4th Edition)

Welcome to the latest edition of the Gym Owner’s Newsletter! This issue, we’re highlighting an exciting new feature in Toning Up. Our recently released recurring payments tool allows you to take control of your gym’s product and services renewals – a key driver of your gym’s financial success. On a lighter note, we’ve turned to Science Corner to solve an ancient gym floor quarrel, then in Gym Life explore outstanding new-owner moves. Finally, discover your gym’s true value with Pro Tips and read

How Amazing is Done by Our Caring Customer Service Representative, Alison.

Gym Insight employee Alison Lynch’s one-year anniversary with our gym management software firm has nearly arrived and we are so thrilled to have her on board. When we asked Alison to join our customer service team last May, we were excited by her career experience, which included nearly 25 years of customer service and benefits administration with her family-owned insurance company. We know the best customer service representatives are a hardy bunch and Alison has not disappointed. She comes equ

Hidden Features: How Recurring Scheduled Payments Fosters a Healthier Club

In this issue of Hidden Features, we present our newest software update: Recurring Scheduled Payment (RSP), a tool that lets you automatically charge gym services, punch card add-ons, and annual fees. We’ve also added recurring payments to our Sales Guru© membership software – this way you can automate payments through membership packages. Truthfully though, this is a game changer. RSP is an essential feature for services requiring regular payments, such as personal training sessions, tanning,

Maximize Every Opportunity By Sharpening Your Team’s Sales Tactics.

The new year is behind us and gym membership sales are dwindling. As a gym owner, now is the time to make every sales opportunity count by slowing down the process and closely evaluating how effectively your staff handles each prospect. Are they missing sales? Let’s figure out why. Four steps to a building sales team. Ask yourself: 1. How skilled are your salespeople? First off, to discover which sales people might be facing obstacles, dive into your software and pull up sales data. If a part

The Gym Owner’s Newsletter, 3rd Edition

Welcome to the latest edition of the Gym Owner’s Newsletter. We are thrilled you’re here. This month, we’ve brought news from our favorite body builder — Arnold — on innovative ways to counter stress’s impact on our bodies. Go on to explore our company’s latest tech updates and check in with a destination gym making big changes with digital keytags. As a closer — check out five reasons strategic gym owners buy used equipment. Till next month – Thanks for reading! “What We Think, We Become” Label

An Easy Six-Step Retention Strategy for Gym Owners

What is your retention strategy for keeping new members in your gym? If you’ve focused solely on sales, then you’re missing a big slice of future revenue. If members drop off quickly, then your business strategy is really sales based and not retention driven. Instead of keeping existing members happy, you’re constantly on the push for new ones. If you’re losing as many customers as you are signing up, considering looking into your retention strategies. Increasing customer retention rates “by 5%

Thrift Comfy and Quality Winter Vaca Finds at

Heading out for a last minute winter vaca? Don’t forget to put Morgan Memorial Goodwill Industries on your list. Whether it’s a weekend in the White Mountains or the Berkshires or a day trek to Blue Hills or Wachusett, our 15 store locations in Massachusetts are stocked with the essentials to keep your family warm and dry. And here’s the best part — satisfy everyone in your bunch with our unique, never-the-same collection of the best thrifting Boston has to offer. From warm wools to oversized f

Our Customer Service Rep Vaults to New Heights after Making the Leap from Gym Manager to Gym Insight Employee

Welcome, Abigail Bell, to Gym Insight! Now in her fourth week of employment, we are proud to announce our newest customer service representative came to us from long-time Gym Insight customer Whetstone Fitness, where she was their general manager. Hiring Abigail is a huge win for us. She brings eight years of hands on, daily experience using our gym management software at a rapidly growing club. We feel this practice will be invaluable in her ability to help our customers. Don’t worry. We did

– Seven Impressive Reasons Why We’re the Best Choice for Your Clothing Donations

We make it easy to clean out your closet so you love what’s left – donate today to Morgan Memorial Goodwill Industries. With 15 nonprofit retail locations and multiple convenient donation sites, there’s always a new place to shop and so many ways to clear your home this winter. Now that you’ve decided to spruce up your space and discover new elbow room, you’ve got to move fast. Sorting and clearing out unwanted clothing and household items takes energy. Once you’ve got the momentum going, don’t

How to Love Managing Gen. Z Employees

At Abb’s Muscle & Fitness everyone is younger than the owner. Many of the staff members are Gen Z, individuals born between 1997 and 2012. To manage this young team, owner Abbe Hockaday set aside society’s prevailing views and approached them with her own brand of intergenerational acceptance and love. They are the seeds she sows to create an environment that is more ministry than gym. Simply said, this puzzling generation challenges her to think and act at her best. Here are some tips she’s di

The Gym Owner’s Newsletter

A recent 20-year-study highlighted in Arnold’s Pump Club Newsletter found high-intensity exercise significantly reduces the risk of metastatic cancer. These are the cancers that have spread outside the initial cancer site, such as lungs, liver and lymph nodes. Turns out that our body builds a “metabolic shield” that researchers hypothesize actually helps our bodies build an immune system that “recognizes and eliminates cancer cells,” as reported in the Cancer Protection Plan article. This funct

Hidden Features: Four Tools Sure to Make Running Your Club Easier – and More Profitable!

Welcome to our Hidden Features blog, where we introduce tips and tricks you can use to optimize your Gym Insight software. Simplify gym management with these four powerful software features: Don’t miss out on recurring revenue. Now Gym Insight lets you create a scheduled payment for an add-on service so you can keep growing this profit-making segment of your gym! This feature allows you to automate and manage payment for an add-on (punch card) service, such as a series of tanning sessions or
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