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Unlocking the Customer Service Secrets of Leading Hotels

My family recently stayed in a hotel where we were greeted by an employee vaping behind the counter. Later, I found the hotel’s gym equipment broken and worn out. On my next visit to the city, I stayed at another hotel, in a different part of town. This excursion made me think about the similarity between gyms and hotels and what the fitness industry can discover from the leaders in leisure. And, how devastating bad first impressions are on customer retention. How the best hotels create brand

Gym Insight Wishes You a Fantastic New Year!

It’s been a great year for our company and we pray the same for you. Since gym owners such as yourselves are such a huge part of our success — well, you’re almost like family — we’d thought you’d enjoy an end-of-year wrap up. Looking forward to an amazing 2024 and the privilege of watching your gyms grow exponentially! • Run report detailing which members have not signed up for the app • Rolled out a new Members App available direct from Apple App and Google Play Stores – This newly redesigned,

Seasons Greetings for a Beautiful Holiday from Gym Insight!

Your business means everything to us. You are the independent fitness club owner with the courage and conviction to work relentlessly for your own success. It’s a great story, one we cherish hearing every day. At Gym Insight, we sincerely value these long-term relationships with our customers. You feed our most innovative design ideas and keep us excited to create — and re-create — the best gym management software on the planet. This may be because we’re a lot like you — a privately held compa

Switch Gym Software Now! Five Reasons Gym Insight is the Best Choice in Gym Management Software

When we started this blog in 2011, Gym Insight was a young company — barely three years old, and still beta testing much of its software. Today, we’ve installed our health club software in countless gyms while cultivating the passion for ingenuity and improvement that brought us here today. Here, we shamelessly pitch why we (still) believe we offer the best gym management software on the market. This seems like an unusual boast but, truthfully, local customer service is not so common. Our high

You Can Own More than One Gym. Here’s How from Industry Expert Justin Kirkland, Club Pilates Franchisee

In this week’s Gym Owner’s blog by Gym Insight, we interview seven-location Club Pilates owner Justin Kirkland for tips and secrets on growing into a multi-location fitness business. His experience with the successful franchise blends on-the-street advice with a marketing major’s savvy. Read on for details on what it takes to grow exponentially in the competitive field of boutique studios. The Kirkland family purchased three Las Vegas Club Pilates in September 2019. One of their first ventures

Hidden Features: Check Out Our New Bulk Actions

Welcome to our Gym Owner’s Blog. We’re trying something different this issue. Our Gym Insight customers requested more coverage on our software itself – new features, compelling changes — tweaks that make your job easier. Glad to help! We are always excited to talk about new exciting updates or even the crazy common stuff that needs a refresh. So let’s get started on our “Hidden Features” post. Today, we’re covering Bulk Actions. Just as its name suggests, this function permits you to modify s

Shop for the Good of It at This Season of Giving

This holiday season, make your good go further by thrifting at one of Morgan Memorial Goodwill Industries’ 14 stores. Here every purchase supports the community’s most vulnerable residents. With the resolve of more than 125 years of community service, Goodwill has evolved with a single purpose in mind – to empower people to achieve independence and dignity through work. How does Goodwill help people achieve independence? Goodwill offers a number of job training and career service programs to i

How to Run a Thriving Gym in a Small Town

Is it possible to prosper as a gym owner in a small town? After speaking with several gym owners in cities of fewer than 5,000 residents we discovered it’s a definite “heck, yes!” With the right dedication and planning, you can succeed and grow in any sized hamlet. Advice from our Gym Insight customers on how to flourish as a small-town gym. 1. Adapt to your community’s needs. As Justin Green, owner of the Source Fitness Center in St. Clairsville, Ohio, explained in our Gym Owner’s Podcast, t

How to Avoid Negligence Lawsuits: Scope of Practice (Part III)

Interview with Dr. JoAnn Eickoff-Shemek, “Dr. JES,” professor emerita, University of South Florida, expert fitness and law witness, and national spokesperson. Podcast: “The Power of Control: Dr. JES Returns” We’ve dedicated the last two blogs to avoiding gym negligence lawsuits. How to steer clear of legal landmines, and training staff to properly guide members on their fitness journey. Now we are at the final leg – scope of practice. Here, we discuss that wafer-thin line between offering good

How to Avoid Negligence Lawsuits: Selecting & Training Staff (Part II)

Welcome back to How to Avoid Negligence Lawsuits! As we discussed in Part I, negligence settlements are in the millions of dollars now and can take years to weave through the courts. Additionally, most negligence lawsuits occur due to employee error in instruction or programming. With this in mind, one of the best ways for your gym to avoid a negligence lawsuit is to properly train and prepare your staff. Does your new personal trainer understand how to correctly conduct a skin-fold test? Or ho

How to Avoid Negligence Lawsuits, Preventing Injuries Part 1.

How can gym owners avoid becoming embroiled in a negligence lawsuit? Savvy business professionals recognize that all manner of legal claims have increased in frequency over the years. But how can a small business, like a fitness club, avoid becoming embroiled in a negligence lawsuit? Proactive gym owners can sidestep potential negligence lawsuits by rethinking their hiring and member management strategies. Attaining a waiver signature is not enough protection. As discussed in previous blogs and

Yes! You Can Own a Gym and Keep Your Day Job! Here’s How One Sales Analyst Does it Now.

Ready to own a gym but need to keep your day job? It can be done! Read on to learn how one of our clients runs a gym while working full-time. In January 2023, Tanner Boudrero fulfilled a lifelong dream – to own a small business. A sales analysts with iFit, an international equipment and sports technology manufacturer, he loved the idea of being his own boss. That vision came true when he acquired Fit Factory in Preston, Idaho. Modestly, despite his lack of experience, he believed his backgroun

Bigger Lagoons. More Home Sales. Innovative Schools.

The future is bright for Mirada as its Lagoon grand opening in San Antonio, FL, attracted thousands of visitors eager to visit the nation’s largest human-made Lagoon amenity. Residents, family, and friends indulged in Lagoon Life as live music at The Hub streamed across the 15-acre waterpark playground, harmonizing to the sounds of children and adults awed by the Lagoon’s resort lifestyle with its VIP Cabana Cove lounge, sandy beach island, and endless chances to dip and swim in the water, and f

Southshore Bay | Resort-Style Lagoon Living in Wimauma

Enjoy the numerous activities or simply enjoy the view. Already hugely popular throughout the world, we are excited to introduce MetroLagoons. With a full amenity center ranging from 5 to 15 acres in size, homeowners have the opportunity to live a coastal lifestyle steps away from their front door. Streetleaf is available at select MetroPlaces communities and is the first-of-its-kind solar streetlight system in the nation. Streetleaf delivers more than modern appeal and nighttime security. Not

Gym Owners, Are You Still Texting Customers?

If so, you might want to cut that out. The Campaign Registry (TCR), sanctioned through the federal government, has stepped in and created a labyrinth of new rules, procedures, fees, and fines for businesses who direct-message their customers, effective August 31, 2023. Although the overall intent of TCR is to reduce spam messages sent to consumers, the end result for fitness clubs, and other small businesses, is to throttle text messaging. In effect, every phone number your company uses to text

Digital Keytags Solved One Serious Dilemma for This Destination Gym.

Gyms in premier destination locations often struggle to keep and retain staff. Frequently located in the world’s most beautiful — and expensive towns — it can be a challenge to staff a fitness center from early morning until evening. Now, Gym Insight’s digital keytags provide a simpler, more secure way to run a 24/7-access gym with fewer employees. Since their introduction in 2022, gym owners have used digital key tags to successfully cut members’ unauthorized entries while increasing gym owner

Medical Fitness Association: Inspiring Change in the Industry

Recently our Gym Owner’s Podcast welcomed David Flench, president of the Medical Fitness Association, for a conversation on how gyms benefit from offering medically integrated healthcare services. Here’s the lowdown on what we learned. To listen to our podcast, click on the embedded YouTube link. What is the Medical Fitness Association? It is a nonprofit professional membership organization providing industry standards, certification opportunities, educational programs, benchmark data, profess
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