Who Am I?

As we are defined by our paid work, I've been a journalist, a business writer, and a sales person. I hold a masters in journalism, am experienced in promoting nonprofit events, and I am very self motivated and disciplined to do the best job possible for your company. I am open to writing assignments small and large including, but not limited to, business correspondence, public relations materials, and internal and external communication projects. Although I am a chronically private person, social media is the sound bite of the day and it would be my pleasure to manage and create a platform to build your brand. 

In my unpaid time, I am a mother of two teenagers, daughter of two elderly, frail parents, and an avid outdoor's lover. My favorites include anything in a state park, endurance athletics, gardening, and most recently, off-road mountain biking. I can garden with the best of them and consider myself a reasonably good short order cook of healthy, heart-friendly meals.